Friday, August 17, 2012

Baby Bobble Car Seat Blanket - inspired by String with Style

I recently tested a pattern for one of the moms on a website I frequent.  The blanket is designed for use with a car seat and is designed so that the bottom part of the belt slips through the blanket securing it to the child. No more dropping the blanket when you are carrying a baby in the car seat. The pattern is very simple and because it uses two strands of yarn held together, it works up quickly.

The Bobble Car Seat Blanket can be found over at on All Free Crochet.  The original pattern has an eyelet border so that you can weave a ribbon through it, but I finished mine by crochet a border of one row of HDCs and a row of SCs.

I can't get the blanket to rotate, but those two holes in the middle are for the belt.

Isn't this adorable?