Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Lacey Trellis Beauty - My Poncho

About 10 years ago, I was determined to make myself a poncho.  They were all the rage.  Martha Stewart wore one home from jail and everyone wanted one. At the time, all I knew was the stitch my mother-in-law had taught me, so I bought several skeins of Carons Simply Soft in a color I think was Colonial Blue. For weeks, I crocheted a long piece. I kept putting it on to see if it would fit across my body and, finally, it did.

Lacey Trellis Awesomesauce

I did an edging of single crochets around the entire piece (short side, long side, short side, long side). When I reached the end of the second long side,  I chained 1 and began a second row of single crochets.  From there, I chained 2 and began a row of half double crochets along that same side. I continued along that one side with 12 rows of HDCs. This was the part of the poncho that would sit on my shoulders and along one arm.

When it finally seemed long enough, I measured the width of my shoulders, subtracted an inch or two.  I folded the piece together, left the opening for my head and part of my shoulders, and began sewing the rest together with a whip stitch.

I added a flower, because I could.

Et voila!

This is the only picture that actually has the right coloring.

I need to get a picture of me wearing it.  One side of my body has only the lacey trellis along my arm.  The other side has the rows and rows of HDCs. It makes me deliriously happy to wear this thing, but it isn't always practical.  It really is a spring and fall piece.  It is the first garment I ever made.