Friday, August 18, 2017

All The Pinks Scrappy Scarf Pattern | Tw-In Stitches

Recently, I made my friend, Nikki, a sweater vest using Caron Cakes Cherry Chip. Cherry Chip is a great colorway. It has several different shades of pink and a bit of brown. It was the first time I used Caron Cakes and I discovered that in order to maintain the striping order, I often had to cut the yarn and start a new skein. That meant I had 3 partial skeins left. I hate left over yarn! So, I decided to use the left over skeins to create something else for Nikki: a scarf with All The Pinks! Pink is Nikki's favorite color, so this scarf is going to be loved.


1.5 skeins of leftover Caron Cakes Cherry Chip yarn (I joined all of the skeins using the Double Knot technique before I started.)
J (6 mm) hook
1 tapestry needle


slip stitch


Chain 29.

Row 1: DC in the fourth chain from the hook.Chain 1. *Start a DC2TOG in the same stitch. Skip one chain. Complete the DC2TOG in the next stitch.* Repeat from * to * across, ignoring the skip one chain to finish the last DC2tog. Chain 3 and turn. (1 DC, 12 DC2TOG)

Row 2: DC in the first chain 1 space. *Chain 1 and start a DC2TOG in the same space.  Complete the DC2TOG in the next chain 1 space. * Repeat from * to * across. Chain 3 and turn.

Rows 3-105: Repeat Row 2.

After completing row 105, fasten off and weave in ends.

I kept going until I ran out of yarn, but you can stop at any length!