Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts!

Let's face it, you can buy people gifts, or you can make them yourself!  This year, I used my crochet powers to make my Mom and my sisters some Mother's Day gifts.

My sister, Rebecca, wears towels when she cooks. For her, I made an apron.
See those Grannies?  I designed those!


For my Mom, I made a small tote bag.  I love how the flower turned out!

Finally, for Kristen, I made a large handbag/totebag to match the Nook cover I made her for Christmas.

See those ruffles? They were an experiment!
I'm so proud of these projects and everyone seemed happy with them too.

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  1. all these gifts are amazing, but I LOVE the bag you made for your mom!!!! you ROCK!


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