Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hats for Alexandria

Gracie and Luke, my twins, are almost 4.  When I try to think back to a time without them, it is difficult to remember a moment when they were not around.  When I try to think to the future, when they are all grown and gone, I simply cannot fathom it. We are lucky that Gracie and Luke are healthy and happy.

One of my twin mom friends wrote to me a few weeks ago about a little girl, just turned 4, who has been rediagnosed with cancer.  Cancer. How is that possible?  How is it possible that a small child should fight for her life against a disease with no mercy? No child, no person, should ever have cancer.  Ever. 

Alexandria is brave.  Recently, after starting a new round of chemotherapy, her hair started to fall out.  Rather than be depressed that she was losing her hair, she asked her mom if she could cut it off instead.  If only, I could look at something that devastating as simply a means to a change. 

Needless to say, I have been touched by Alexandria's story.  I hug Gracie and Luke tighter and pray for her every night.  Kris asked me if I would be willing to sell her some hats for Alexandria.  I don't sell my hats.  I only give them to people I care about deeply.  I told Kris that.  Then, I asked what Alexandria's favorite color is.

Tomorrow, this box will leave via the mail.

It has 12 hats in it.  Most of them have pink somewhere on them.  Pink is Alexandria's favorite color.  My hope is that they fit her and help her feel pretty every day.  I hope even harder that she will someday outgrow these hats and be able to pass them on to someone else.


  1. This story really touches my heart. I hope they bring smiles for every day o he week.

  2. Beautiful hats and beautiful story. I'll be keeping her in my prayers!


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