Thursday, August 18, 2011

Newsgirl Hat

We have a lot of birthdays coming up around here.  I've been working hard to create projects for people.  One project was this newsgirl hat.  I started it for a very fashionable teenager and fell in love with it.  It was inspired by Polkadot Posh and I adapted it for an adult.  The pattern was free a few months ago and fits newborns through size 4T, but now is for sale here.  If you see this post and would like the edits I made to make this fit an adult, let me know.

Front view.  I love those X stitches
Look carefully.  See those stitches?  Those are X stitches.  They are actually double crochet stitches that are crocheted to cross over one another.  They are really easy and super fun to do.

I used Peaches 'N Cream yarn which is very similar to the Sugar 'N Cream yarn by Lily. It is a very dense yarn and since this hat is crocheted holding 2 strands, this is a very thick hat.  In fact, it is sitting on its side next to me and it is maintaining its shape!  Originally, I did not add any embellishments to the hat, but some friends suggested it needed a little more.  So, I added a band and crocheted 2 buttons to go on either side.
Cap without the band and buttons.
I added a band and crocheted buttons to the brim.

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