Friday, November 4, 2011

The Chain Cowl

I'm all about scarves.  I've made them in a ton of patterns and colors.  When I sat down to start thinking about a project for my crochet club, I wanted to do something with them that would allow them to learn how to chain and count stitches.  There are a lot of patterns out there, but I wanted something that would be super simple and allow them to be wearing their own work quickly.

I was playing with an idea of making a chain scarf.  Essentially, you chain 300 or more for the first row, fasten off and start with a new chain single crocheting every once in a while to the original chain.  When you do this, chain after chain you begin to grow the scarf and there is a really fun pattern that develops. I made one and it was adorable. I received a ton of compliments on it, but I wanted a variation on the idea:

Along came the Chain Cowl.

The pattern I made is simple and, honestly, you could do whatever pattern you wanted as long as you follow the basic premise: the pattern must repeat continuously.

Chain Cowl

Hook: H (does not matter, this is up to you)
Yarn: worsted weight (again, up to you)

Row 1: Chain 120.  Single crochet into the first chain to create a circle.
Row 2 : Chain 11.  Single crochet into the 12th chain in the first row.  *Chain 11, single crochet into the 12 chain over.* Repeat  until you reach the original single crochet.
Row 3 and beyond: Single crochet into the very first single crochet stitch in row 2. Chain 11 and single crochet into the next single crochet stitch from Row 2. Continue to repeat this pattern around and around the cowl until it reaches the height you desire. When you reach that point, make a final single crochet, fasten off and weave the ends into the row of single crochets you have made.

While I stopped at row 12, you could continue as long as you like!

The girls loved it and I hope to share their projects soon!


  1. Neat! It would definitely keep it from getting into a big knotted mess. I wonder how it would look if you did the single crochets in random intervals.... BTW, I have plans to make your flower scarf for my girls for Christmas. =)

  2. I tried it at random intervals as well. Because they are not all in the same place, the scarf will stretch differently. More like mesh than anything else.

    I can't wait to see your flower scarves!


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