Saturday, January 4, 2014

Let's make a mood blanket - a square a day in 2014

So let's talk blankets.

I always want to make them, but they seem so daunting.  Remember my Birthday Blanket of Awesomeness?  Ack!  That was some serious work.  If you think about it, though, you could totally make a blanket if you just made one square a day.  I mean, right?  Of course, you could. This is the current challenge going around the crochet blog-o-sphere.  A square a day or a square a week for the entire year.  I can totes do that!

The hook for this blanket is that it is a Mood Blanket.  Whatever color best describes your mood for the day when you go to crochet is the color you add for that square.  I love this idea! I'm horrible at choosing colors for patterns, but if I'm just picking the color that best describes my day, I can do that.

To get started, I needed some more information.  After slogging around through the mood ring pages, I found this information:

Listing of all the colors and several moods and feelings associated with them:

I am currently behind by 4 days, so I need to get caught up quickly.


January 1: Tired but content (lilac)

January 2: lazy (pink)

January 3: happy (magenta)

January 4: anxious (gray)

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