Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lacy Trellis Poncho - Version 1 - Asymetrical Look

My original Lacy Trellis Poncho was made in an asymmetrical style. It is crocheted in one tall, long strip and folded together.  Instead of being a vertical trellis, the pattern laid on its side creating a horizontal pattern.  It is very easy to make and you can add your own flair to it by changing up how you crochet the long piece together.

Original poncho made with Caron's Simply Soft in Colonial Blue

Let's get started.

Pattern Notes:

Before you actually start crocheting, you have to take some minimal measurements.  Of course, you could do this on the fly, but to achieve the look you want, you should start by measuring.

  • Measure from your wrist to your shoulder. Your starting chain needs to measure this long. 
  • Hold out one of your arms, perpendicular to your body.  Measure the distance from your hand across your chest to your opposite shoulder.  Take this length and multiply it by two.  This is the length of your finished piece before you connect it.
  • Next, measure the distance from one shoulder to another. This is the space you need to leave open for your head.


K Hook
3 skeins of Red Heart Love yarn (I used Pewter)
tapestry needle

For picture help with this Lacy Trellis Pattern, view this post.


 Chain: a multiple of 8 plus 6 more chains.  I started mine with 78 chains.

Row 1:  Single crochet (SC) in the second chain from the hook and in each chain across. Turn.  (77 SC)

Row 2:  Chain 3.  Skip 3 SC and double crochet (DC) 3 times in the next SC. *Chain three, skip 3 SC, and SC in the next SC.  Chain 2, skip 3 SC and DC 3 times in the next SC.*  Repeat from * to * ending with 3 DC in the final stich of the row.  Chain 3 and turn.

Row 3: DC 3 times in the first chain 2 space from the previous row. *Chain 3, SC in the top of the first DC in the next cluster.  Chain 2, 3 DC in the next chain 2 space.* Repeat from * to * across. Turn.

Row 4: Repeat Row 3

Continue repeating Row 3 until your piece measures the length you measured prior to beginning.  For mine, I crocheted a total of 104 rows.

Row 105: At the end of row 104, chain 1 and continue working along the long horizontal side.  SC twice in each side of the DCs and once in the space between. Continue along to the end of the side.  Turn.

Row 106: Chain 1. One SC in each stitch across. Turn.

Row 107: Chain 1. One SC in each stitch across. Turn.

At this point, you have several options. For the poncho pictured above, I continued with 10 rows of half double crochets to create a solid band of stitches.  Then, I crocheted one row of single crochet.

You can also continue SCing across in rows to create a band of solid stitches or finish off at the end of row 107 and prepare to sew the pieces together.

To sew the pieces together:
Fold the piece in half along the side you single crocheted across.  My students would call this folding it like a hamburger.  :)  Hold the single crocheted side together and whip stitch the two sides together half way.  Fasten off and weave in the ends.

Poncho made with Red Heart Love in Pewter

You can also use the join as you go method to single crochet half way along the side and join the two sides together.

If you make a Lacy Trellis Poncho, will you share it with me?  Post your poncho on my Facebook page. 



  1. Hi Jennifer, Would you consider modeling or asking someone to model the poncho for us? I'm such a visual person, I can't quite picture how it will look on. It's super cute so I am sure it would look adorable. Thanks for the pattern. =)

    1. Hi, Diane! Absolutely. I was supposed to be able to include the picture when I posted this. I'll get someone to take a picture for me tomorrow!


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