Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wobbly Squares Blanket in Variegated Yarn | Tw-In Stitches

Curious about making the Wobbly Squares Blanket in variegated yarn?  Here are some photos of a baby blanket I made earlier this year! These are raw out of my camera, so please forgive them if the colors seem off.

Center of the blanket

The entire Wobbly Squares Blanket with Variegated yarn

These pictures don't really do the blanket justice.  Here's an up close shot of one side.

I think this is super fun!  If you would like to make your own Wobbly Squares Blanket in one color or with variegated yarn, follow this pattern!

Wobbly Squares Blanket Without Changing Colors


  1. Thank you for the helpful post. I found your blog with Google and I will start following. Hope to see new blogs soon!
    Twin Tapestries

  2. Thank you Jennifer. I have been on computer for an hour and finally found your pattern that I can print and start a baby blanket to donate to the NICU unit at our local hospital.


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