Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Hex Tote Bag

I read a lot of crochet blogs. One of them, Tangled Happy, highlights hooky delights from around the web. A few months ago, Sarah highlighted the Hex Tote Bag by Future Girl. I fell in love instantly and knew I had to make it. The trouble is that I cannot put granny squares together save my life. Chances are, the hexagrams are going to be just as difficult.

So far, this is what I have (p.s. I only have a point and shoot and no pretty backgrounds):
The full collection: 10 circles, 4 half hexes, 18 starter circles
Half hexes for the top of the bag.

I love these colors together.

Wait. I love these, too!

16 remaining starter circles waiting to be turned into hexagons
I can't wait to finish the rest of these and start putting them together tomorrow! I'm still debating on the color I would like to use as the main border. I can't decide between the orange and the brown. I'm leaning toward the brown so that it makes the bright colors pop!

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  1. Beautiful!!! I vote for the brown since it looks like you didn't use it in the hexes. It will def make the colors pop.

    I double-triple hope you have a chance to watch the video that shows you how to connect them. It couldn't be easier! Email me if you run into trouble.


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