Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hex Bag Update

Here's one thing you need to know: While beautiful, switching colors when crocheting is a pain in the rear. Good Gravy, that took a long time!

Today, I finished up the last of my hex-es and started to crochet them together. I watch Future Girl's videos over and over again to make sure I was doing it right. Here's the problem: I did not watch the corner joining video until I already had all of the hexes crocheted together in 2-D format. Let me tell you, this stumped me for about 30 minutes. I kept watching video 3 trying to figure out a way out of my mess. I ended up doing a hybrid of Alice's method and some whip stitches. Here's what I have as I go to bed tonight:

I still need to attach the half hexes and the straps. Oh, and there's the whole lining issue. Here's the thing: I don't care how much time this takes. I love how this bag looks and I am immensely proud of it. Yay!

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