Friday, April 1, 2011

Hex Tote Bag Tada!

3 days! I'm not sure how many hours, but it has been 3 days from start to finish.

Originally, I added this strap cover to the design, but it was kind of over kill, so I took it off.

So you can get an idea of the size of this thing. It is pretty massive!

A couple of tips and tricks:
  1. I took a canvas shopping bag and used it as the lining of my bag. Pre-sewed!
  2. I sewed the crochet portion to the canvas bag at the top of the bag, both plain sewing and whip stitches around the top of the bag.
  3. Rather than use the crocheted straps to cover the canvas straps, I used yarn to embroider designs into the canvas with my tapestry needle. None of the stitches is uniform. They are a tad haphazard and I really like it that way!

I'm so glad I tackled this bag. I've never done anything like it and I know my sister will like it when I give it to her for her birthday tomorrow!


  1. Wonderful! That's a HUGE bag! Using a canvas bag for the lining/straps is brilliant. So smart! I love your bag. :) Could I feature it on my site in a Peepshow post?

    p.s. It looks like the little one is *inside* the tote. It's almost big enough to be a sleeping bag for her! :)


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