Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Flower Burst Handbag

After my Hex-y Tote bag, I got a little excited about bags.  I found a lot of free patterns, but the Flower Burst Handbag intrigued me. It is made with a whole lotta single crochets, but has a band of open flowers around the center.  It's adorable!

The original bag on The C Side blog was a solid green and absolutely fantastic.  It is perfect for a vacation or a trip to the beach.  The bag is unlined so you can see through the flower motif.

The pattern was fairly simple, but I lost count somehow and ended up with more flowers than could fit in the base of my bag.  I also lost count above my flowers and had to wing it a bit.  Hopefully, the result isn't too off what the designer intended.

I decided to use some coordinating colors I found at Michael's: purples, greens.  Don't you love the colors?  Overall, I'm very happy with the outcome!

Take a trip over to The C Side to see her other designs.

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  1. LOVE!! The colors and design are great!! I'll order one from you for my birthday :)


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