Wobbly Rectangle Photo Tutorial

The Wobbly Rectangle Blanket is soothing and fun!  Here is a step by step photo tutorial of the first two rows.

For this tutorial, I've started with a chain that measures 6 inches (baby blanket).  Remember that your chain should be a multiple of 3 + 2 that measures the difference between the dimensions you would like to achieve. The additional 2 chains can extend past the 6 inch mark.

 Next, begin a dc2tog in the 4th chain from the hook, skip one stitch, and complete the dc2tog in the next stitch. Chain 1. Begin your second dc2tog in the same stitch, skip one stitch, and complete the dc2tog in the next stitch.  Chain 1.  Continue across to the end, beginning the next dc2tog in the same stitch you completed the last and chaining 1 after each dc2tog. In the last chain, you should have completed the last dc2tog.  In that same chain, chain 1 and dc four times for a total of 4 dcs in the same stitch.  Chain 1, and continue working across the other side.  Begin a dc2tog in the same end stitch, skip 1 stitch, complete dc2tog in the next.  Chain 1 and continue across.  The Vs of your side by side dc2togs will match up with the Vs from the dc2togs from the first row.

The first rounded corner
When you reach the end, chain 1 after the last dc2tog (which should have ended in the last stitch of the chain). Double crochet, chain 1 a total of 3 times.  The original chain will count as the fourth dc on that end.  After your last chain 1, slip stitch into the top of the original chain 3. Fasten off.  You can weave in the ends now or later.

Completed Row 1

For Row 2, begin with a standing dc in the first V of one side, but only draw up through two of the loops. To turn this into a dc2tog, yarn over, and move to the chain one space of the next V. Chain 1 and continue across to the end.

Standing dc2tog begins in first chain 1 V space
When you reach the final stitch of the row, complete the last dc2tog and chain 1.  The final stitch of the row is the first of the three V spaces on the turning end.

To create the corner, dc, chain 1, dc, chain 1 and begin the next dc2tog in the same space.  Complete the dc2tog in the next chain 1 space.

Start the next dc2tog in the same space and complete it in the next chain 1 space.  This space will be your next corner.  Chain 1, dc, chain 1, dc, chain 1, and begin the next dc2tog in the same space.  This completes the second corner.  Continue the dc2tog, chain 1 pattern across.

After the second corner, continue the pattern across.  You may want to pull and shape your corner spaces so that you can see the rectangular shape.

When you get to the next corner space, repeat the directions for the first two corner spaces above.

Chain 1 after your last dc2tog and slip stitch to the top of the standing dc2tog to complete the row.  Fasten off and weave in ends.

Row 2 repeats for the rest of the blanket until you achieve the length and width you want.

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  1. I am having an issue with the ends increasing at a rapid rate. Is this suppose to occur


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